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1) Post something awesome about him on social media

2) Buy him a special treat at the grocery store

3) Write “I love you” in pasta noodles on his dinner plate.

4) Help him learn a skill he’s been wanting to learn.

5) Skype or use FaceTime when he travels

6) Fix his favorite dessert (or make something scrumptious from this Pinterest dessert board).

7) Compliment him on his outfit.

8) Write SHMILY (“See How Much I Love You”) on a fogged up mirror after his shower.


9) Share a favorite memory from your wedding/honeymoon.

10) Start a “What I love about you” war of notes. Watch what happened when my husband and I did this for a few days!

11) Draw him a hot bath.

12) Take extra good care of him when he’s sick (here’s our favorite ways to kick a cold).

13) Make/buy his favorite food from childhood.

14) Say I’m sorry.

15) Kiss him unexpectedly.

16) Go on a walk together.

17) Put your arm around him while driving.

car driving couples

18) Say something nice about him in front of someone else.

19) Give him tickets to his favorite band.

20) Let him choose.

21) Send flowers just because.

22) Call him to say hi.

23) Make him a mug that says something you love about him.

24) Clean his car.

25) Take his clothes to the dry cleaner.

26) Replace old photos of the two of you with updated pictures.

27) Fix his favorite dinner.

28) Make breakfast in bed.

29) Take a fun selfie together.

30) Put a love note in his lunch.

31) Share a favorite family memory together.

32) Tell him why you chose him to be your husband.

33) Take him to his favorite restaurant.

34) Text him with your favorite three words to describe him (and include lots of hearts).

35) Massage his feet after a long day.

36) Give him a neck rub.

37) Massage his muscles after a heavy workout.

38) Write a note telling him 3 things you love about him.

39) Tell him he looks sexy in his work clothes.

40) Pray for him. Watch what I do everyday to pray for my husband and kids!

41) Offer to drive on a long trip when he’s tired.

42) Read a book about growing your marriage and implement the principles yourself.

43) If you typically put the kids to bed together, offer to put the kids to bed by yourself.

44) Light a candle with a scent he’d love.

45) Visit the spot where you were married (and a take a photo).

46) Take care of a household task he’s been dreading (My husband cleaned up our (very messy) guest room last week and I literally cried when I saw it!).

47) Plan a romantic date together.

48) Spell “I love you” in alphabet letters (and leave it on the kitchen counter or place where he’ll see it).

48) Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories.

49) Have fun new pictures taken together and create new photo art for your bedroom.

50) Ask if he’d like to turn in early and spend time alone upstairs together (doing whatever he’d like).

51) Read books together on how to have better sex.

52) Book a marriage retreat together.

53) Spend 2 hours alone in the bedroom together connecting intimately.

54) Read (and do) the Love Dare book.

55) Buy him his favorite cologne.

56) If he has a beard, make him an easy DIY Beard Oil.


57) Make him a homemade lotion to relieve aches/pains.

58) Pray for him about ongoing issues about his work.

59) Make a playlist of songs you know he’ll love.

60) Pray for his sexual purity.

61) Write “I love you” in dry erase marker on his car rearview mirror.


62) Take a staycation day together.

63) Pray for a strong friendship for your marriage.

64) Watch his favorite movie together.

65) Play a board game or card game together.

66) Share a magazine article or post with him that he’d love.

67) Fill up his gas tank when it’s low.

68) Buy new lingerie and surprise him when you go to bed tonight.

69) Spray your bed with a mix of lavender and vanilla essential oils to help him sleep.


70) Go on a bike ride together.

71) Recreate your first date.

72) Ask him about his day.

73) Choose not to blame.

74) Create a “love jar”–for 30 days write a note on a piece of paper of what you love about him.

75) Choose to let it go (you know what it is!).

76) Forgive him when he says something hurtful.
77) Choose to think the best of him.
78) Watch a sports game with him and cheer on his favorite team.

79) Stop expecting him to meet all your needs.

80) Look into his eyes for 10 seconds and smile.

81) Hold hands while watching TV.

82) Take a bath together.

83) Watch/listen to a comedian together.

84) Make dinner together.

85) Wear an outfit you know he’ll love.

86) Work on a DIY house project together.

87) Go on a hike.

88) Share one dream you have for your marriage.

89) Play his favorite song.

90) Walk behind him and playfully grab his bottom.

91) Share a joke.

92) Say yes to making love (on a day when you’re too tired).


93) Stop for a long kiss.

94) Plan a surprise date.

95) Run your fingers through his hair.

96) While in public, catch his eye and mouth “I love you”.

97) Wink at him from across the room.

98) Hop in the shower together.

99) Create a DIY stress balm (using Peace and Quiet essential oil blend) for him to use on his toughest days.

100) Offer to share a blanket together and snuggle.

101) Get his morning coffee for him.

102) Secretly hold hands while at dinner.

103) Surprise him by initiating physical contact that leads to making love.

104) Read a book out loud together (here’s a list of some great books).

105) Sit outside and share about the day (read about how we love our daily 15 minutes in our porch swing).


106) Go on a double (or triple) date.

107) Watch a romantic movie together.

108) Run an errand for him.

109) Give him an unexpected hug.

110) Choose to not get angry (even when you have a “right” to be angry).

111) Offer to watch the kids so he can have a night with the guys.

112) Say please and thank you.

113) Flirt (here are 16 ways!).

114) Write him a poem.

115) Learn massage techniques and give each other a massage.


116) Start a “love journal” (an ongoing journal where you can write messages back and forth).

117) Clean his cell phone screen for him.

118) Train for a 5K (or other big physical challenge) together.

119) Choose to not talk badly about him with your friends.

120) Open the door for him.

121) Play a sport together.

122) Go to a concert together.

123) Let him sleep in longer than you.

124) Plan a picnic.

125) Encourage him with a scripture (here are 18 verses on joy).

126) Create a scavenger hunt with post-it notes.

127) Plan a romantic dinner date (at a nice restaurant, or even in your home!).


128) Tell him he looks handsome today.

Infographic--130-Ways-to-Say-I-Love-You-to-Your-Spouse129) Watch his favorite television series together.

130) Make him a snack after a hard day of work.

Short Bedtime Stories For Kids Read Aloud – Learn from Mistakes

Dont Afraid Be Make Mistakes - Short Bedtime Stories For Kids With Moral Don’t Afraid Be Make Mistakes – Short Bedtime Stories Do you know who was Thomas Edison? He was a scientist who invented bulb which gives us light. Do you want to learn Moral from his real life story? If yes, then read it out! Thomas Edison tried two thousand different materials in search of a thread for the light bulb. When none worked satisfactorily, his assistant complained, “All our work is in vain. We have learned nothing.” Edison replied very confidently, “Oh, we have come a long way and we have learned a lot. We now know that there are two thousand elements which we cannot use to make a good light bulb.” Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas Edison

Moral Of The Story

Always learn from the mistake. Don’t think that all the mistakes you did are wrong. Mistakes are the part of learning. If we don’t do mistakes we can’t learn something unique. So don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Best Short Bedtime Stories for Kids – Dont Try To Lie! Kids Must Dont Lie - Short Bedtime Stories For Kids With Moral Don’t Change The World – Don’t Try To Lie One day long ago, some sailors set out to sea in their sailing ship. One of them brought his pet monkey along for the long journey. When they were far out at sea, a terrible storm inverted their ship. Everyone fell into the sea, and the monkey was sure that he would sink. Suddenly a dolphin appeared and picked him up. They soon reached the Island and the monkey came down from the dolphin’s back. The dolphin asked the monkey, “Do you know this place?” The monkey replied, “Yes, I do. In fact, the king of the Island is my best friend. Do you know that I am actually a prince?” Knowing that no one lived on the Island, the dolphin said, “Well, well, so you are a prince! Now you can be a king!” The monkey asked, “How can I be a king?” As the dolphin started swimming away, he answered, “That is easy. As you are the only creature on this Island, you will naturally be the king!”

Moral Of The Story

Those who lie and boast may end up in trouble. So you naughty children(s), don’t lie, never boast. Speak truth and be the honest one. The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Short Bedtime Stories For Kids (Don’t Lie) Bachaooo! Bachaoo! Have you ever shouted like this to make others fool? If no, then you all are good children, but If you have done that so far, then never do this again. Let’s read It out that what this story wants to tell you about the result of being a liar. Once there was a shepherd boy who had to look after a flock of sheep. One day, he felt bored and decided to play a trick on the villagers. He shouted, “Help! Wolf! Wolf!” The villagers heard his cries and rushed out of the village to help the shepherd boy. When they reached him, they asked, “Where is the wolf?” The shepherd boy laughed loudly, “Ha, Ha, Ha! I fooled all of you. I was only playing a trick on you.” A few days later, the shepherd boy played this trick again. Again he cried, “Help! Help! Wolf! Wolf!” Again, the villagers rushed up the hill to help him and again they found that boy had tricked them. They were very angry with him for being so naughty. Then, some time later, a wolf went into the field. The wolf attacked one sheep, and then another and another. The shepherd boy ran towards the village shouting, “Help! Help! Wolf! Help! Somebody!” The villagers heard his cries but they laughed because they thought it was another trick. The boy ran to the nearest villager and said, “A wolf is attacking the sheep. I lied before, but this time it is true!” Finally, the villagers went to look. It was true. They could see the wolf running away and many dead sheep lying on the grass. So sad, isn’t it. So next time never lie,OK.

Moral Of The Story

We may not believe someone who often tells lies, even when he tells the truth. So we should always speak truth and never lie. The Fox and The Stork – Short Bedtime Stories For Kids With Moral Dont Be Selfish - Bedtime Stories For Kids A selfish fox once invited a stork to dinner at his home in a hollow tree. That evening, the stork flew to the fox’s home and knocked on the door with her long beak. The fox opened the door and said, “Please come in and share my food.” The stork was invited to sit down at the table. She was very hungry and the food smelled delicious! The fox served soup in shallow bowls and he licked up all his soup very quickly. However, the stork could not have any of it as the bowl was too shallow for her long beak. The poor stork just smiled politely and stayed hungry. The selfish fox asked, “Stork, why haven’t you taken your soup? Don’t you like it?” The stork replied, “It was very kind of you to invite me for dinner. Tomorrow evening, please join me for dinner at my home.” The next day, when the fox arrived at the stork’s home, he saw that they were also having soup for dinner. This time the soup was served in tall jugs. The stork drank the soup easily but the fox could not reach inside the tall jug. This time it was his turn to go hungry.

Moral Of The Story

A selfish act can backfire on you. Don’t be selfish, think for others too. Be honest with others and try to help others. Don’t be “Fox”.